The History of the SSAI und my Job as the european representive

The Sword Swallowers Association International was founded in 2001 by the current President Dan Meyer. The idea was to register all sword swallowers around the world, share experiences, to convey appearances, collect money for injured sword swallowers etc.

Since 2008 the SSAI organized the annual World Sword Swallower´s Day in conjunction with Ripley´s – Believe it or Not! This holyday always takes place on the last Saturday in February at all the Ripley´s museums around the world.

Everybody who wants to set a sword swallowing World Record at Guinness World Records, Recordsetter or others, needs to be a recognized as an official sword swallower by the SSAI.

At my early beginning in sword swallowing, I came in touch with the SSAI and Dan Meyer. He invited me to become a member of the SSAI and also to come to World Sword Swallowers Day 2014 at Ripley´s Believe It or Not! in St. Augustine, Florida. There I became an official member of the SSAI. A few days later I became the official german representative of the SSAI.
My duties include:

            • Support the German sword swallowers
            • Search for SSAI-unknown sword swallowers
            • Research for historic sword swallowers who lived and/or performed in Germany
            • Search for old and new pictures, articles, videos, documents, stories etc. about sword swallowing
            • Do articles and interviews in the name of the SSAI for the German media like press, TV ect.
            • Collect all information about the first endoscopic investigation that was done in 1868 in Freiburg Germany by Prof. Dr. Adolph Kussmaul on a sword swallower

2015 I also went to World Sword Swallower´s Day in Florida. This time Dan Meyer and I went to Ripley´s Believe It or Not! in Orlando. There we set some personal World Records. After World Sword Swallowers Day I became the official European Representative of the SSAI.  My responsibilities now extended to the European area.
So far I have achieved some success in the search for new and current and old sword swallowers.

2015 I could achieve that I and the SSAI be the contact for sword swallowing world records for the Rekord-Institut für Deutschland (RiD).

In December 2015 I was admitted to the Hall of Fame of the SSAI.

Dan Meyer
Dan Meyer

Sword Swallowers Association International

Ich und Dan Meyer 2014
Me and Dan Meyer 2014

Cooperation of SSAI an the German-Rekord-Institut