My shows can be adapted to all kinds of events:





Of cause I like to fit my Outfit to your event.

  • Renaissance and middle Age Events
  • Birthday partys
  • Weddings
  • Fairs
  • Corporate celebrations
  • Horrorshows
  • Sideshows
  • Varieté Shows
  • Medical lectures (about beginnings of endoscopy by a sword-swallower)
  • Circus
  • Tattoo-Events
  • Concerts
  • Motivation events
  • Science Events
  • and many more

The Shows can be shown as Horror, Comedy, only with background music etc. 

The following show elements can be combined in my shows:

Modelling Ballons

For kits and adults I make dogs, giraffes, unicorns, teddy bears, flowers, swords or beer mugs.

– about 15 min.

Perfect for opening a Show.

–  about 5 min.

I do some juggling tricks with 3 balls or 2 balls and a pin.

Glas eating
– about 3-4 min.

I smash a light bulb in front of a live audience and eat the shards. This sounds very inperssive with a microphone.

Human Blockhead – about 5 min.

A Human Blockhead put diffrent things in his nose. I can do nails, fork, sharkhook and miniswords.

Haken Gabel

Fire breathing
– about 3-4 min.

Only outside and at acceptable wind conditions. After doing this I need a short break to wash my face.

Fire eating
– 2-3 min.

Also possible in rooms. Smoke detectors should be switched off.


Sword swallowing – about 10-20 min.

My best discipline! I swallow normal swords, curved sword, serpentine sword, LED lightsaber, up to 14 swords with 180 ° rotation, up to 25 swords simultaneously, giant spoon, giant screwdriver, saw and a hedge clipper.